The importance of social media & how to market your business online to increase revenue

The most important element for any takeaway to be successful is having a loyal customer base, who order again and again. Attracting and retaining customers is key, especially in todays market with the cost of living crisis among us! With inflation at an all time high and energy price increases coming, its going to be a tense year for everyone.

Takeaway owners will recognise this and wonder how much of an impact this will have on customers making online orders in the future. Its more important than ever before that owners look at ways to help promote their business to their current customers, whilst looking to attract new custom too.

This is where social media marketing can have a huge impact on your business. At Integer, our clients have told us many times that they simply do not have the time to even consider a marketing plan for their business. Often, “We do leaflet drops” is the response we hear from clients who must focus on the day to day running of their businesses. Whilst promoting your takeaway through door drops is still an important way to make your area aware of your business, we know that more and more people are looking and ordering online. Using social media to engage with customers online is now vital to keep and retain customers making orders direct to your takeaway, instead of ordering through 3rd party apps.

Social Media Marketing with Integer

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive either. At Integer, we have clients up and running with social accounts and posts within a day or two at best. Our clients often post a mixture of free organic posting (which keeps customers up to date) as well as paid advertising on a budget that works for them, to target new customers in their area.

Here’s some of our top tips if you are thinking about advertising your business online:

Social Media Marketing with Integer

Make sure you have a website that is attractive and easy to navigate, making ordering online easy!
A ‘user friendly’ website is super important and not as difficult to create as you may think. Today, websites can be created using professionals such as Integer Group, who specialise in online ordering websites and EPoS solutions. Alternatively, creating a website on platforms such as Wordpress may be another option.

Social Media Marketing with Integer

Know your target audience!
Targeting in your delivery radius or expanding further afield? You can target audiences who have certain interests such as ‘Food’ and ‘Eating out’ for example, but the reality is you can target customers in so many ways. The aim is to attract the right customer, who are more likely to order food online. Audience targeting can help get you there.

Social Media Marketing with Integer

Get your business social!
Creating accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok will allow you to actively engage with your target audience more frequently. Keeping customers updated on latest offers and promotions, as well as new menu items has never been easier oCreating engaging content across these channels is crucial. The food industry is one of the most popular topics across social media, so you are already ahead of the game much more than you realise!

Social Media Marketing with Integer

You can create a wide range of content such as:

But how about targeting and engaging with new customers? Paid advertising works best when looking for new customers who may be unaware of your takeaway. Targeting new customers through Ad’s can take your business to the next level. You can use existing content/posts to attract new followers, or even advertise special offers to generate more revenue in a short amount of time.

Social Media Marketing with Integer

Social media made simple with Integer

At Integer, many of our clients have taken advantage of our social media marketing offering, where many have seen returns on investment from 850%-1973% across 2022 from an advertising budget as little as £30 per month! (That’s only £1 per day on advertising costs!) Clients are seeing profits increase by £1000’s over the year just by advertising on social media alone, and the best part is often these customers come back and order direct next time. We can do the same for your business – contact Integer today for more information.

Promoting your business on those days that are quieter, with more affordable offers for specific days only, customers are more encouraged to order knowing that they are getting more for their money than they would typically expect to. We have seen some great examples of this happening for our clients, who have been able to boost sales on those days where its often less busy.

Whilst our existing clients have been seeing some great results across social media, here at Integer we are always looking at ways to go even further. Our online ordering platform, Let’s Order Food will launch its own App in early April which will actively promote new and existing customers to order again and again to our client’s takeaways. With a well-established following base online already, Let’s Order Food will actively promote our clients offers through targeted advertising for individual takeaways (on top of their own online advertising).

Our promise to our clients is that we will always strive to get our clients more orders, we will never stop!

Our dedicated Social Media team will become YOUR Social Media team. Social Media is the way forward and used properly can be an absolute game-changer for your business.
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