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One of the main things you want for your takeaway is more orders…right? Seriously, who doesn’t want more orders? Let’s get those inTouch systems doing what they’re designed to do - hard work!

Check out these ideas for generating a greater income for your establishment:

Workplace Discounts
Take advantage of offering discounts on large orders from businesses and local workplaces. Many times, these companies will not only come back, but may even offer you a contract to provide their staff with lunch all year round. It’s also important to remember - this applies to everyone - not just you guys who are open at lunchtimes. There’s thousands of businesses out there that run offices 24hrs a day. These workplaces are often looking for somewhere to order from in bulk, but are put off by the cost of ordering in high volume. Build a relationship with them, and watch it pay off massively in the long-term. If you need a particular section to be created on your online menu for these types of offers, let us know and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Text Messaging
We know how busy you can get. It’s so easy to forget things when you’ve got a lot on your plate. Keep your eye out for our text reminders to buy bulk texts for your customers. We’ll even make sure all the big days of the year you’re sent a reminder of an upcoming event. Need to let your customers know about a special offer you’re running for the World Cup? Not a problem - we’ll drop you a text reminder the day before to ensure your account is topped up so you can spread the word and get those orders flying in!

Product Details
Many times, potential customers are put off by “entering into the unknown” with certain dishes. Now, more than ever, people need to know if a menu item is vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. The little symbol signifying this can be the difference between getting an order or losing one. Do you need us to add these to your online menu? It’s as simple as a phonecall or email to our UK-based team, and they’ll ensure your menu is in tip-top shape, ready for customers of all dietary needs to be catered to.

Get Repeat Orders
Incentivising to get repeat customers is more important than ever in the current market. It’s easy (and wrong) to assume that you’re losing money when you give discounts - you are, in fact, getting more orders of a very slightly lower value short-term, making your overall order value higher in the long-term. What’s even better is offering customers reasons to come back and order again. Offering 15% off their first order, but then following it up with a further discount on their next order will yield a massive percentage of reorders. You can literally turn a customer from a one-off into a once-a-week. What’s more, we’ll promote your offers for you on Facebook for free - yup, absolutely free. Our dedicated social media team has years of experience running promos, and we’re always happy to speak to you about the latest offerings from your shop.

Little Freebies
We had a discussion here at Integer HQ about how we feel when we, ourselves, order a takeaway and we get a little free item in the bag. “I didn’t even order this…wait…oh wow, that’s kind of them!”. It could be something as simple as a bag of prawn crackers (super cheap!), a couple of chicken pakoras, or some poppadoms. It doesn’t have to be anything that costs your business a ton of money, but the gesture will be remembered, and will likely give you repeat customers (as long as the rest of the food is good!). Why not use a freebie as an opportunity to promote a new menu item? If you have a new side or starter on the menu, drop a sample in the customer’s bag and write “Try Me!” on the box - these sorts of things go a long way when it comes to customer relations. Even receiving a personalised note with the customer’s name can make a lot of difference to how someone feels when receiving their order.

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