Why having an Online Ordering Website is Essential for a Thriving Takeaway Business

In the dynamic world of takeaway businesses, staying at the forefront necessitates embracing technology that amplifies reach and optimises operations. While third-party ordering apps like Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo offer convenience, they come with their own set of challenges, including high commission fees that impact profits and limit customer ownership.

In this article, lets delve into why having your own online ordering website is crucial if you want to scale up your business success:

Why Online Ordering is Essential in 2024

The Power of an Online Ordering System

While third-party platforms are essential, developing and nurturing your own bespoke online ordering solution is imperative for the modern-day takeaway owner. Consider the following advantages:

Customer Data Ownership for Personalised Engagement:

Investing in solutions like Integer grants businesses ownership over customer data. This allows for tailored marketing, forming enduring relationships and personalised experiences to your customers for years to come.

Distinctive Brand Visibility:

An exclusive online ordering website provides a platform to showcase uniqueness, standing out in a saturated market and creating brand loyalty driven by quality rather than price.

Control Over Customer Experience:

Tailored solutions empower businesses to steer the customer journey, ensuring consistent service quality and delivery experiences, thereby safeguarding their brand reputation.

Adaptability and Stability:

Integrating an EPOS system alongside your online ordering solution fortifies businesses against unpredictable platform changes, offering stability and adaptability in a volatile market environment.

Why Online Ordering is Essential in 2024

Benefits of an In-House Online Ordering System

Building on the importance of owning a robust EPOS and online ordering system, let’s look at more of the advantages to your business:

Expanding Revenue Channels:

An online ordering system broadens your customer base, enhancing average order values, and fostering direct customer loyalty. This exclusive platform allows tailored rewards and incentives, liberating the business from high commission rates typically imposed by third-party platforms.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Seamless ordering, real-time updates, and error prevention result in heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty, elevating the overall experience.

Cost Efficiency:

Reduced dependence on phone orders and decreased errors translate to cost savings, allowing staff to focus on core tasks and minimising wastage.

Marketing Leverage:

Data collection enables targeted marketing campaigns, while a dedicated website augments online presence and search engine visibility, attracting new customers.

Why Online Ordering is Essential in 2024


By combining the advantages of third-party platforms and owning a fully integrated EPOS and Online Ordering System (such as those offered by Integer), takeaway businesses gain autonomy, brand differentiation, and long-term sustainability. In today's competitive landscape, a comprehensive strategy embracing both avenues paves the way for continual growth and success.

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