EPOS. Simple, Straightforward.

A touch screen epos system for quick service food delivery, takeaway and table service that is easy to use and offers total control. No contract, no fuss, you can be up and running within a few days.

Fully Integrated Online Ordering

On-line orders arrive on the epos terminal (or printer) – and card payments arrive directly into your bank account.Full (two way) integration means that any menu changes you make are automatically pushed to your online ordering site - no need to wait

I wish it would...

With over 600 options, all reflecting the differing needs of our many customers.inTouch can readily be tailored to work in your way.

Streamline your food preparation

Orders or selected items can be printed or displayed on one or multiple kitchen printers or screens.Also highlighted cooking instructions for staff, Chinese (or other) characters available, and an optional box edge/canister label printer for your bagging area.

Manage your drivers

From a driver despatch screen that highlights delivery addresses close to one another, through on screen maps with directions and distance to clear professional tickets.Add delivery time monitoring followed by a simple cashing in process. Your delivery operation will be faster and more efficient.

Text your customers

Send text messages straight from your epos system to targeted customers; either send now or schedule for later.Text messaging is one of the most effective methods of prompting customers to order – you should always include your web address so your customers can touch through to order.We only use tier 1 messages routed via the UK. inTouch automatically removes inactive numbers from the customer database to stop you from wasting texts.

Marketing & Analysis on Tap

inTouch is not just an epos system, it’s a marketing system. The information it provides is the data to build your business; for example, a breakdown of orders received by postcode in your delivery area enables you to target areas for promotion.Regular marketing is essential for a local delivery business to stand out from their competition

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