Additional Features

Reports, Table Ordering and more

Those extra touches make all the difference

Our software doesn’t just cover the basics! We offer so much more!

Find the figures you need with Integer Reports

From stock levels, profit margins to identifying your best sellers, with MyInteger reports you’ll be able to easily get a bird’s eye view of your business to see what's performing and what's not. Using MyInteger Reports you can gain insight to identify opportunities for growth and understand your customer better than ever.

Manage your product inventory with ease!

With our simple interface you can easily update or create new products, change images, keep track of your inventory and avoid the dreaded ‘out of stock’ message shown to customers.

Follow reports and take control of your entire business

Fast and efficient table ordering system.

In-store ordering, direct from the table. The efficient, safe and smart way to manage orders within your restaurant. No hardware required: customers order from their own phone via QR codes in store.

Enable diners to order from their table quickly & easily

Delivery Information ready to go!

Our InstaDrive and InstaCall systems enable your staff to spend less time inputting phone numbers or addresses and more time on what they need to be doing.

InstaDrive enables your driver to navigate to the delivery location simply by scanning a QR code - no third-party app required. InstaDrive loads the fastest possible route in seconds!

InstaCall is InstaDrive for phones. Quickly call a customer without needing to manually type in phone numbers. This is fully implemented for Just Eat and Uber Eats too.

No more of this: Dial Number > Then Order Number > Then Hash - it's all done in one quick QR scan.

Just Eat Integration
Integer's system is great at taking orders - really good. So easy to navigate compared to others we've used.
Navjot - Gulnar Express
Benefits of our Table Ordering Software
Table Ordering integrated with your EPoS System Fully integrated Integrated with the EPOS System - you get table ordering for free!
Promote your products with targetted upselling Upsell Promote additional products with upsell cues available with Table Ordering
User-friendly QR code table ordering Simple No app for the customer to download, they simply scan the QR code and order!
Additional Features
Customiseable EPOS Systems for Takeaways and Restaurants
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